Your first line of defence against high-risk events in the crypto space

Due Diligence Made Easier

Eunice provides real-time monitoring of crypto-assets, keeping you updated on high-risk events as they happen

Investigation and Tracking

Tailor your alert list so you can focus on the factors that matter to you

Systematic Monitoring

Categorise your alerts to better track and manage risk

Deal with Risks Your Way

Easily keep track of your categorised alerts in the follow-up tab

Our product

Let Eunice AI
do the heavy lifting

Plug-and-play software tailored to your needs

Listing Team

Improve asset onboarding velocity, enhance due diligence, and save valuable time spent on monitoring and investigation.

Compliance Team

Manage regulatory requirements and ensure best practices on asset admission and monitoring are upheld.

Government Agency

Enable better investigations and consumer protection.


Leverage Eunice to streamline due diligence processes and efficiently monitor the progress of investments.

What our partners say

Our team aims to front-load as much of the due diligence work as possible when assessing a token’s suitability for listing. This is what a tool like Eunice is helping with.

Tricia Lin
Head of Listing, Binance US

In the fast-developing world of Web3, understanding and monitoring asset risk is critical, and Eunice is helping VASPs tackle this problem at scale.

James Smith
Founder, Elliptic

AI-powered due diligence and monitoring for busy teams