Real-time crypto asset monitoring

Minimise your exposure to risk, maintain your peace of mind.

Why Eunice?

Risk management made easy

We have collaborated closely with some of the largest players in the industry to develop a sophisticated AI-powered risk monitoring platform. Through combining on-chain and off-chain data, we assist teams of all sizes monitor risk across their portfolio of supported crypto-assets.

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Advanced Asset Monitoring Tools

Coming soon

Alert System

Get notified of high-risk events, suspicious activities, or regulatory changes related to your monitored tokens.

Coming soon

Compliance Tracking

Track and ensure compliance with relevant regulatory frameworks and guidelines specific to the crypto industry.

Coming soon

On-Demand Investigation

On-demand support for in-depth analysis on requested tokens.

Coming soon

Customisable Risk Scoring

Customise risk scoring models based on specific requirements and risk assessments.

Coming soon

Reporting and Audit Trail

Generate comprehensive reports and maintain an audit trail of monitoring activities.


How do clients use Eunice?

Accessing Eunice's platform is easy. You can integrate into the platform using our API or access data through our user-friendly dashboard. Tailored for Due Diligence and Monitoring, the dashboard presents risk metrics, aiding high-risk event investigations and informed decision-making.

How does Eunice ensure data reliability & privacy?

We understand the criticality of data reliability and the utmost importance of client data privacy. Our platform implements robust security measures to ensure the integrity of your data and protect it from unauthorised access or compromise. All data is encrypted and stored securely, adhering to industry best practices and compliance standards.

What is Eunice's coverage?

We onboard assets as per customers' requests. We take an asset agnostic approach towards off-chain data, allowing us to onboard any asset requested. Regarding our on-chain capacity, we currently support Ethereum, Polygon and BSC by default and can provide data for Arbitrum, Optimism and Solana at an additional cost.